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Contract Number Contract Description Project Manager/ADOT Group ECS Specialist DBE Goal
2020-008 On-Call Asphalt Binder, Crumb Rubber Asphalt, Emulsified Asphalt and AC Mix Testing (Formerly Contract 2018-014) ***Tentative Advertisement - FY20 Q2*** Dharminder Sharma Mike Happ 0.00%
2020-009 On-Call Referee Testing of Field-Produced Asphaltic Concrete (Formerly Contract 2018-013) ***Tentative Advertisement - FY20 Q2*** Dharminder Sharma Mike Happ 0.00%
2020-010 Construction Administration On-Call (Formerly Contract 2018-012) ***Tentative Advertisement - FY20 Q2*** Karen Stallings 0.00
2020-011 Statewide On-Call Structural Steel Fabrication Inspection (Formerly Contract 2019-024) William Downes James Redican TBD
2020-023 Final Design I-10, Ina Road Traffic Interchange (TI) to Ruthrauff Road Traffic Interchange (TI) ***To review available documents regarding this project, please email the following to [email protected]: Name (must be the individual who will be downloading documents); Email address; Firm name and Contract Number. After approval, an auto-generated email will be sent with instructions to access the ECS Share File site where the documents are located.*** (Tentative Advertisement FY20 Q4) Derek Boland TBD