Online SOQ Submittal Test Page
Mandatory Online SOQ Submittals

Contract Number
Sample Contract Description Test Advertisement Dates Test SOQ Due Date Specialist Test Proposal Submittal
2020-045 ON Call  Bridge Inspection (Pilot Test) 04/15/09 - 04/22/09 09/30/09 ECS
Submit Proposal Online
2020-046 Specific Rates Environmental Planning (Pilot Test) 04/15/09 - 04/22/09 09/30/09 ECS
Submit Proposal Online
Online SOQ Testing Information
This page was established to allow firms to test the online SOQ Submitted process. ECS recommends that firms test the program before submitting online an SOQ for ADOT consideration. To adequately test the online submittal process, a firm should submit a 10-page test sample SOQ proposal on this web page. If the firm is able to successfully attach and submit a test document, the firm should receive a confirmation number.
System Requirements
eCMS has been developed to work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8 or higher. Firms must use this browser to submit online SOQ proposals. ADOT cannot guarantee successful submissions from firms using other browsers and will not be responsible for the non-receipt of any SOQ proposals. Please feel free to call ECS at 602.712.7525 if you should have any further questions on this matter.